Man Defending Business From Looters Beaten Unconscious Then Kicked In Head

Christopher Berg - May Sun, 2020

A man was beaten unconscious as he appeared to be defending a business in Dallas.

Dallas, TX – A man was brutally kicked in the head after being beaten unconscious as he tried to stop looters in Dallas Saturday night.

Elijah Schaffer with Blaze TV shared video of the attack on Twitter.

According to Schaffer, it appeared that the man was using a sword to try to defend a business.

The looters charged him, beat him with a skateboard, stoned him with rocks, stomped on him until he was unconscious, then one looter gave an extra hard kick to the unconscious man’s head.

Schaffer noted that some people were concerned, while others laughed and looted.

The victim’s condition is not clear, but Schaffer called an ambulance and said the man was being tended to by “volunteer medics.”

You can see video of the attack below. Warning – Graphic Content:

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