Video Roundup: Friday Night Rioting In Over A Dozen U.S. Cities

Sandy Malone - May Sat, 2020

Violent protesters attacked police, burned city buildings and businesses, and created mayhem in cities across the U.S.

Minneapolis, MN – The rioting that began with anti-police protests over the death-in-custody of 46-year-old George Floyd on Monday have spread across the United States, leaving countless businesses destroyed and numerous law enforcement officers injured.

Protests encouraged by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Tuesday after video of Floyd’s death went viral quickly turned violent.

Looters rampaged through big box stores and small businesses, stealing and burning. An affordable housing complex under construction was burned to the ground.

On Thursday night, rioters overran the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct, causing officers to evacuate before they burned it to the ground.

The violence in Minneapolis spread across the bridge and into St. Paul, starting with mobs of looters who rushed through Target, TJ Maxx, and numerous other stores while police scrambled to mitigate damage.

Rioters armed with bricks and bottles smashed police car windows and rampaged through businesses.

Then rioters began setting fires and burning businesses and property in St. Paul in a terrifying redo of the prior night in its sister city of Minneapolis.

On the West Coast, riots began on Wednesday in Los Angeles as violent protesters shut down freeways, burned American flags, and attacked police cars before surrounding Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) headquarters and spraying it with graffiti.

On Friday night, rioters surrounded LAPD officers and attacked them.

Almost 400 miles to the north in the same state, riots erupted in front of the Oakland Police Department a few hours later.

Two Federal Protective Services police officers were shot while protecting the federal courthouse in Oakland, half a mile from police headquarters, shortly after local authorities declared the violent protest there an “unlawful assembly.”

One of the federal officers was killed, the condition of the other is critical.

In Portland, Oregon, on Friday night, rioters set fire to the Justice Center that houses the jail and the Portland Police Bureau and overran those facilities.

Portland police did not tried to intervene or stop the increasingly violent protests prior to the attack on the Justice Center and by then, videos showed it was too late.

Many attributed the rioting in Portland to its large population of violent antifa demonstrators who have repeatedly attacked police, reporters, and innocent civilians in that city with few repercussions.

It was a bizarre scene in Atlanta on Friday night as rioters attacked the notoriously anti-police CNN headquarters in Centennial Park.

And that’s when CNN’s reporting of the violent protests suddenly changed from encouraging the riots to questioning the legitimacy behind the rioters smashing the windows of their own building.

“And we don’t hear the mention of George Floyd’s name at all. We just see the violence happening here in front of us,” the CNN reporter said on the air as rioters threw fireworks and other incendiary devices at law enforcement trying to protect the anti-cop news network’s facility in downtown Atlanta.

Firefighters had to don tactical vests in order to safely fight fires started by rioters.

In the nation’s capital, things took an unusual and unexpected turn when the some of the violent protesters raging in front of the White House successfully broke into the U.S. Treasury building located next door.

U.S. Secret Service uniformed officers in riot gear pushed back the encroaching mob and secured the building.

Seven people were shot during a protest of the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville late Thursday night.

Protesters destroyed property and surrounded a police transport vehicle. The video showed they were working to flip the truck just before shots rang out.

Police officers rendered aid to the wounded protesters as the riots continued around them.

New York Police Department (NYPD) officers went hand-to-hand with protesters on Friday, even after officers arrested at least 40 violent protesters during Thursday night’s eruption.

But the violence escalated and on Friday night, rioters attacked and breached NYPD’s 84th and 88th precinct station houses in Brooklyn before officers took back control of the situation.

Dozens of officers and officials were injured in the melees there and defending other precincts across the borough.

In Chicago, protests that started out peaceful quickly turned into a mob scene.

Multiple police officers injured in the chaos and more than 100 protesters were arrested, WMAQ reported.

Multiple Dallas residents posted videos that featured piles of bricks that had been stacked in strategic locations, such as outside the Dallas County courthouse.

Numerous observations were made that the protesters rioting in that city looked more like antifa than George Floyd demonstrators.

Terrifying video showed innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire as police attempted to disperse those rioting.

Two police officers were hurt and five protesters were arrested in Columbus, Ohio on Friday night, according to WBNS.

On Thursday night, rioters broke into the Ohio Statehouse and wreaked havoc inside before law enforcement was able to restore order in the capital city.