Minneapolis Rioters Burn Down Post Office, Possibly With Stimulus Money Inside

Christopher Berg - May Sat, 2020

A post office has been looted and set on fire in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis, MN – Rioters have looted and set a post office on fire in Minneapolis.

The post office located at 31st St. and 1st Ave. set set on fire late Friday night, according to Fox News.

Footage from the post office appears to show it was looted before the fire started.

There is no sign of the fire department, although officers and the Minnesota National Guard have been seen holding rioters back in some areas.

The IRS recently mailed out around four million prepaid debit cards to people who did not provide electronic deposit information for Economic Impact Payments, according to KHON2.

It’s not clear how many, if any of the cards were at the post office.

The pentagon has put military police on alert to go to Minneapolis to help with the rioting, according to the Associated Press.